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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and it had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. With the help of “Law on Education” and the tasks set in the “National Training Program” the functions of the boarding-school were improved and under the resolution no.473 “About additional measures of Secondary Special Education” of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the order of Special Vocational Training Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan the academic lyceum no.1 under Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service was established on the basis of the boarding school.

The academic lyceum is one of the modern-equipped lyceums of the Republic and a large number of skilled teachers bring up and teach the future generation of the country. The number of teachers working at this lyceum is 96. It is said that the pillar of a good education is an active teacher. The knowledge gained by the students depends on teachers. Therefore, special attention has been paid to the improvement of the academic skills of teachers. For instance, the director of the lyceum Matlyubov A.A. had attended the training course in the USA. Also, the teacher of English Komilov A.A. had been to Japan. The German language teachers Makhmudova M.,  Yuldoshev D., and Abduvohidova M. had been to Germany in order to improve own academic qualification. And currently they are successfully implementing the new pedagogical technologies learnt in the lessons abroad. Moreover, there is a deep relation with the institutions and universities of higher education, such as Samarkand State University, Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service, Samarkand Institute of Foreign Languages, Tashkent University of Information and Technology.

Changes in education, and tasks set in teaching demand new methods of teaching. Teachers are creating interactive lessons by using the latest computer technologies and practicing them. And different departments play an important role in creating and practicing new methods of teaching. There are five departments – Mathematics and Informatics, Foreign Languages, Social Science, Languages, and Natural Science operating at this lyceum.

The students of the lyceum participate in different competitions, Olympiads and achieve good results. The lyceum is the supportive institution for the secondary and vocational institutions of Samarkand. One of the talented students Diyora Salimova participated in 49th International Mathematicians Olympiad (IMO) in Spain and was awarded with the bronze medal. Besides, in 50th IMO, which was held in Germany she was awarded with the silver medal. Also, the students Diyora Salimova, Umida Jurayeva, Kristina Sokolova participated in 4th International Olympiad held between the CIS and showed good results.


Diyora, Salimova, the winner of bronze medal, Spain, 49th IMO

The students I.Akramov, U.Jurayeva, J.Abdurahimov, Z.Ibragimov took part in 51st IMO and all of them got the silver medals. Also, Diyora Salimova was awarded with the Governmental Award “Zulfiya” in 2010, and Mukhayyo Akhmadova was awarded with the same award in 2012.


“The  Center Working with Talented Students” work with talented students. The aim of this center is to create conditions for the deep, comprehensive training and support talented students to improve their knowledge.

A big attention is paid to Physical Training and Sport at the lyceum. There are several sport courses, such as athletics, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, table tennis, chess and handball, and participants of these courses always achieve good results not only in local competitions, but also in regional and international arenas.


Winners of International Sport Competitions

Lyceum’s modern building has a lot of facilities for students.  It has laboratories of Chemistry, Biology and Physics, a library with more than 15000 books, a canteen and a sport hall. Also, there is a laboratory equipped with modern computers, each connected to the Internet, a dormitory for 200 students with all necessary facilities.

A quality of education is very good at the lyceum, and discipline is strict. Teachers here not only teach, but also bring up skilled and well-behaved students.

Moreover, the number of students entering to the higher educational establishments is increasing day by day. Especially, high achievements of students at foreign universities and in their branches make us happy.

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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and it had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. More...


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