Shakespeare`s party

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The grand party of the outstanding writer and playwright W. Shakespeare was held at the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. The event was devoted to creative work and life of great dramatist.

    The students of Groups 104, 109, 205, 210 and 308 showed their artistry knowledge of English. Such Shakespeare`s works as “Romeo and Juliet” and “The king Lear” were demonstrated in English by the students of these groups. Young boys and girls plunged the audience into Shakespeare`s time with incredible skill touching upon philosophical issues of the past. The learners not only showed the extracts from the plays of the famous writer but also recited some of his sonnets.

    Such kind of parties broaden students` horizon and give them opportunity to speak English. At the end of the party active students were awarded with diplomas.

“Weihnachten in academic lyceum”

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At the SamIES academic lyceum the month of chair of foreign languages ​​is still continuing. Next planned event of the month was held on 22nd of December in the active hall of the academic lyceum. The event was organized by the students of German language project group of academic lyceum. The students demonstrated scenes that featured celebrations, songs and dances, and various contests of "Weihnachten", widely celebrated holiday of new year of Germany and some part of Europe . SamIES foreign languages ​​department teachers and former students of academic lyceum also took part in the event. The active hall was decorated according to the tradition of the holiday. German Language teacher D. Yuldashev and German practitioner Yu.Dilan organized the holidaytogether with the students.

December 8 is the Constitution Day of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Constitution Day” event took place at the active hall of the academic lyceum by the students of 207, 108, 107, 201 and 208 groups on December 6, 2017. The event was attended by the teachers and students of academic lyceum.
    The event was opened by M. Abduvokhidova, head of foreign languages department.The student of group 207, Norboyev Abdulaziz made a speech and introduced all participants step by step. The structure of the Constitution was explained by the student of 108 Mizrobov Diyor in presentation slide. He mentioned that The Constitution is the foundation of the legal system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It provides unity based industries. To the creation of the rule of law and civil society, one of the important objectives of our state is the rule of law. And it requires each of us the duty to know the Constitution and the laws of our Republic.

    The event was continued with Articles of the Constitution by the students of 207 and 108 groups and it correlated with some role play related to the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    The main objective of the event is to develop students’ knowledge on legal norms and show it in English.
    The ceremonial event dedicated to the Constitution concluded with a holiday concert by Mironshokh Muzaffarov, the student of 107 group of the lyceum.

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