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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and at that time the library also was founded. The library was situated in a small room and with the help of fond, parents and students the stock of the library has been improved. And the boarding school had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. With the help of “Law on Education” and the tasks set in the “National Training Program” the functions of the boarding-school were improved and under the resolution no.473 “About additional measures of Secondary Special Education” of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the order of Special Vocational Training Center of the Republic of Uzbekistan the academic lyceum no.1 under Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service was established on the basis of the boarding school.
At the same time, the library fund amounted to 6.5 thousand copies, and the library has been working on the basis of legal documents approved on March 9, 2007, the regional secondary special education center in accordance with its charter and approved by the President of the Republic, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary special Education, Ministry of Culture and Sports. At the same time, the library is referred to as the Information Resource Center(IRC).
At the beginning IRC’s Fund consisted of 8 thousand copies and with the attention paid by the state, the number of opportunities for the material-technical base began to have a positive impact on the IRC, and now the total amount of the stock has reached 16 thousand copies. IRC occupies a total area of 50 square meters of space, there are 50 seats in study hall, a traditional books hall, an electronic resources courtroom.
16,000 copies of the general fund is the basis of secondary science textbooks. There are more than 1500 numbers are fictions, 9828 coursebooks and textbooks, more than 90 newspapers and magazines of Uzbekistan and Russia subscriptions for periodicals in the library. Also, IRC is connected to the Internet, it has 3 printers, 2 photocopies, 2 scanners, video facility, in compliance with the rules of storing the books 2 air conditioning (heating and cooling equipment) was set.
Since 2007, the IRC IRBIS automatic program was established to carry out the work. The cademic lyceum and the IRC began to use the first IRBIS in the country for creating an electronic catalog. Soy Natalia is designed IRBIS automatic system and she was the first of using electronic bibliographic resources in the country.
In 2008 the library participated in 'The Best Information Resource Centre' contest and was awarded the first place.
In 2009, for the achievements of the academic lyceum’s Information Resource Center Soy N.D was awarded “Do’stlik” medal.
2562 people always use the services of the IRC. Each year 28000 readers are served. During the year 76000 copies of publications are used by readers. There are more than 30,000 electronic resources.

ARM “Mir Sayid Baraka”, “O`rikzor”, “To`pxona” mahallalari, Samarqand iqtisodiyot va servis instituti ARMi, rus madaniy markazi, Samarqand Davlat universiteti ARMi, 37-va 51-ixtisoslashgan umumta`lim maktablari xamkorlik ishlarin olib boradi.
The IRC works in the cooperation with "Mir Sayid Baraka", "O`rikzor", "To’pxona" makhallas, with the IRC of Economics and Service Institute, the Russian Cultural Center, Samarkand State University’s IRC, the schools no.37 and 51.
Ma`lumki, O`zbekiston Respublikasining «Axborot kutubxona faoliyati to`g`risida»gi qonunida ARMlar oldiga bir qator yangi vazifalar qo`yilgan edi.


  • ta`lim muassasasining ixtisoslashuviga muvofiq asosan ilmiy-ta`limga oid mazmundagi axborot-kutubxona fondini shakllantiradi va uning but saqlanishini ta`minlaydi;
  • elektron kutubxona va elektron katalogni shakllantiradi;
  • shaxsning ma`naviy boy va barkamol ijodiy o`sishi uchun imkoniyatlar yaratgan holda o`zidagi va o`zidan uzoqdagi axborot-kutubxona resurslaridan foydalanish asosida O`zbekiston xalqining tarixiy, ma`naviy va madaniy merosidan foydalanuvchilarni bahramand etadi;
  • axborot-kutubxona resurslaridan o`zaro foydalanishni ta`minlaydi;
  • boshqa axborot-kutubxona muassasalari bilan hamkorlikni amalga oshiradi;
  • yig`ma elektron katalogni shakllantirishda ishtirok etadi.

It is known now, the Republic of Uzbekistan 'information to a law library on the activities of the IRC has been a number of new tasks.

  • According to the educational institution in accordance with the specialization of scientific and educational information on the contents of the library fund formation and provides its safety;
  • electronic forms and electronic catalog of the library;
  • the person who has created opportunities for spiritual growth of the rich and developed creative self and self-distant library and information resources on the basis of historical, spiritual and cultural heritage of the people of Uzbekistan, users will enjoy;
  • provides information and mutual use of library resources;
  • carry out cooperation with other information and library facilities;
  • take part in the formation of filing electronic catalog.

Schools army on the automation of the work carried out since 2008 IRBIS system development, staff training for the implementation of all aspects of these functions work, of course, was the first of the next issue.
July 2, 2012 SSPO Center "on the coordination of information and resource centers," according to the draft decree No. 175 of information and resource center staff "automated library system (mix)" program does not work with the Education on special training courses were organized for staff training was started. In July 2013, the territory of the Samarkand region IRC staff members, two of whom were in the running for a week KARMAT program are trained.
This program is based on a library-information system was established. Kataloglashtiruvchining automated program worker role (AIO`) department of the system's electronic catalog database is created and sent to the library fund literature bibliographic processing is carried out. All electronic records of the Fund amounted to 2,363 names.
E formulyarini is also carried out. All high school students, 100 teachers held a staff list. Syllabus, the program "cataloging", the full work of the Department. High internal network network services are carried out.
AIO` readers - this software technical complexes reader uses an electronic catalog, and the literature search for information on the orders of literature and information about their performance.
Reader's personal electronic office (KSHEK). Reader familiar with their personal electronic cabinet IRC electronic database, search for the desired information on the execution of orders and orders given to them through their own personal purposes. Readers their personal electronic office electronic resources can also view the full text.
At the same time, the full texts of literature designed to work with the attention, attach the electronic text is being carried out. Fund General Science to`lig`icha electronic versions of textbooks have been prepared.
IRC KARMAT perfect o`zlashtirib electronic records preparation program in the short term Republican O`MKXT system on the corporate network, the internal network to carry out all the work o`rinlirini because of special vocational training center 2, 2012 -iyuldagi "information-resource centers on the coordination of the activities of the" 175-number order, as well as of "special and vocational education system, electronic libraries in the information network," an innovative project in the area of corporate network Samarkand region will be based on the electronic library. Director of the Institute prof. S.Toshpulatov Samarkand O`MKXT Department sent a letter of gratitude.
Since July 2012, the head of the IRC is working with the regional KARMAT program to automate the work of the staff of the college and high school IRC sector has been providing practical and methodological assistance.

IRC operating departments.

1. The Department of Scientific-methodical - according to the information and resource center serves as the coordination of activities. Library work in all aspects of the most effective methods and forms of dissemination, training and improving the skills of library staff. Leading to the introduction of practical work experience, to help them to control the local situation and organizational work. ARM performance methodological and practical assistance. ARM draw up legal documents, and in the case of the current year. ARM serves as a staff position to form yo`riqnomalarini and their staff.
2. create a catalog of electronic components and cataloging bo`limi- ARM Fund. KARMAT the implementation of the program of work. The new material in inventory write books and make them. The production of scientific publications: UDC classification table, ordering, cataloging. Production of technical publications: the book pocket glue, write books formulyarini. Literature ARM fund distribution. Off literature (for an act of creation, inventory books put special characters) works. Subscribe to publications department works and distributes.
490 the number of years in literature.
For 65 copies and 65 copies of the magazines and newspapers were 48 copies of the Russian magazine subscriptions. A total of 62 905 721 USD. In 2011, the departments 18142 copies spiritual outdated and does not meet the requirements of the fund literature calculation.
3. References and electronic information resources department of the university in accordance with the requirements of the reading of the literature, which displays. The use of information technology users, independent of the regular education and support for education. The Department of IRC users, namely to work. Home user applications on the literature, the book will work draws calculations. Readers will work with the debtor (draw up a list of debtors, warning works). Departments, namely on which users KARMAT program introduces the reader through the IRC-chitatel and defines a reader identification number.

Litsey ARMida avtomatlashtirish borasida 2008-yildan buyon IRBIS tizimida olib borilayotgan ishlar rivojlantirilib, ushbu vazifalarni to`laqonli bajarish uchun xodimlar malakasini oshirish ishlari, albatta, birinchi navbatdagi masala edi.
2012 yil 2 iyuldagi O`MKHT Markazining “Axborot-resurs markazlari faoliyatini muvofiqlashtirish to`g`risida”gi 175-sonli buyrug`iga asosan axborot-resurs markazi xodimlarini “Avtomatlashtirilgan axborot kutubxona tizimi (KARMAT)" dasturi bilan ishlashga o`rgatish bo`yicha maxsus o`quv kurslari tashkil etilib, xodimlarni o`qitish ishlari boshlab yuborilgan edi. Samarqand viloyati xududida 2013 yil iyul oyida ARM xodimlaridan ikki nafari bir hafta davomida «KARMAT» dasturini yuritish bo`yicha malaka oshirishdi.

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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and it had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. More...


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