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Our IRC among the first created one of the electronic databases and systematized almost all electronic versions of books in PDF. Recently published resources and received the fund books were entered into the electronic catalog and full-text database of e-books. IRC resources available in electronic form, and now we can provide users with a certain level of work, our work, which is one of the many time-consuming tasks. www.armat.uz - electronic catalog of our Lyceum, where you can find and use an electronic database.

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Samarqand 2015 year

2015 yil - «Keksalarni e`zozlash yili»

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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and it had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. More...


1-kursga o'qishga qabul qilingan o'quvchilar diqqatiga

1-kursga o'qishg…

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