IRC staff

I. Position: Head of IRC
Full name: Otaboeva Aziza Shakirovna
Date of Birth: 29/04/1980
Complete institution: State Department itself Inf. and inf. those. (Full-time, MA) 1998-2003
Function: optimization and optimal management.
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II. Position: Head. Department IRC
Full name: Usmanova Sevilla Ulkerovna
Date of Birth: 10/01/1982
Complete institution: Sam CI Faculty of Economics of 2003
Occupation: economist

III. Position: Leading Specialist
Full name: Nazarova Nilufar Asatulloevna
Date of Birth: 03/04/1984
Complete institution: Cam. Gos. College of Arts. 2003.
Function: Library work

IV. Position: Leading Specialist
Full name: Parmonova Mutabar Togaymurodovna
Date of Birth: 18.03.1983
Complete the school: Teachers College Samarkand number 12008 year.
Function: a primary school teacher.

V.Position: Leading Specialist
Full name: Kobzev Vitaly V.
Date of Birth: 22.09.1992
Complete institution: Samarkand college information and communication technology and industry.
Function: electronics.

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