“Bread is the most valuable food”

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On the 29 th of November Non-traditional demo lesson on the theme “Bread is the most valuable food” was organized by the historian teacher Vanyasheva E.S. This contest was prepared by students of groups number 112,209 and 311. From children’ homes number 1 and 10 children visited this party. They were also given presents.

Open lesson to the topic “XVI-XVIII century discoveries”

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On the 28 th of November the historian teacher Muslimov Sh.organized a wonderful demo lesson with the group N.114, lesson was dedicated to the topic “XVI-XVIII century discoveries”. In this lesson the gropup was divided into 4 small groups.It was  a competition lesson to check the knowledge between groups.Two groups of them won the prizes.The lesson was devoted to the teaching method as “controlling oneself”

Know and Understand the Right

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On the 19 th of November there was held wenth on the theme “Know and Understand the Right” with the cooperation Justice Administration and students of our lyceum in the field of campaign

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