Terms of Use

I. General rules:

User information - resource center in the academic lyceum №1 at Sam IE and C is based on the Charter for the use of IRC in educational institutions.
User information - resource center operate in the organization of services to readers IRC under the rights and duties of readers.

II. Readers, their rights, duties and responsibilities.


  • Readers- students, graduate students, staff of teachers, the Lyceum, the population of nearby mahalla enjoy the following rights:
  • receive full information on the composition of the library catalogs through file cabinets and other forms of library information;
  • receive advice in finding and selecting works of printing and other documents;
  • receive temporary use on the subscription and in the reading room any documents from the IRC;
  • receive publications on interlibrary loan (ILL);
  • Use of consulting services to select the literature and material.


  • Be courteous to the library staff and abide by the following rules:
  • take care of the documents and other materials obtained in the IRC;
  • Do not remove them from the premises of the library, if they are not recorded in the reader's or other records;
  • Do not make them notes, underline, not pull or bend the pages that do not violate the technical processing of materials:
  • Return the specified deadline;
  • Do not take from the directory, file cabinets cards and do not write in them;
  • Upon receipt of the documents and materials, the user must view them and in case of any defects to inform the employee IRC, otherwise liable for damage to the books lies with the reader using the edition last.

Each year, users are required to re-register the IRC library cards with the presentation of all its outstanding literature. Users who do not reregister, IRC are not served. In case of loss of a library card user must immediately notify the duty librarian and get a duplicate library card. Students who do not pass the textbooks in time lose the right to use IRC for 1 month
Readers graduated and went beyond the territory of the Lyceum, must surrender their cards and omissions.
In IRC readers are obliged to keep quiet, clean and tidy (hangs up the phone, do not visit the library at the top of the clothes do not come with food).

III. The responsibility of the reader.

  • Members IRC not pass a library card to another person, or to use someone else's library ticket;
  • Readers violated the terms of use or harm IRC IRC are responsible for the orders passed by April 20, 2007 "On fining for lost books, late delivery and damage." Readers have violated the rules several times foreclose IRC 6 months.

IV. Procedure for registration of readers IRC.

  • To register for the IRC readers must provide documents proving identity. After which they will be given a pass reader and fill in forms for use during work or study at the Lyceum.
  • Skip the reader is the only document which gives the right to use IRC.
  • When registering the reader gets acquainted terms of use IRC, confirmed by the signature in the pass and forms active duty reader.
  • Form Reader is a document confirming the issuance of literatures and returns them to the IRC.

V. The procedure for using a reading room.

  • To order the right material in the reading room of the reader must provide your library card, fill out a written application and after the issuance of the material to sign the form. Book Form is a document certifying the date and the fact of giving the reader a librarian and receive books and other materials.
  • The number of materials issued in the reading room, as a rule, is not limited. In the presence of short-term increase in demand, the number of issued copies can be restricted (by the decision of the staff IRC).

Documents issued in the reading room of the main book depository, can be booked for a specified period.
Encyclopedia, background, rare and valuable books and documents obtained by IBA, are only in the reading room.
Stake documents from the reading room are prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, readers may be deprived of the right to use a reading room for one month
In the reading room are not permitted to take photographs of books, magazines, newspapers, without the permission of the head of the IRC.
Issued materials, books can not take out of the reading room; otherwise the reader loses the rights to use the IRC;
When leaving the reader reading room must surrender them to the material taken.

VI. Terms of use subscription.

For the correct application of the material on loan readers must submit the properly filled-pass and painted on the form of the reader;
To record the subscription science fiction reader and present a passport or a photocopy and 2 3x4 photos. For materials presents a library card reader correctly filled in the reader's requirement to the literature, a receipt for the materials in the book form.
Upon the issuance of the material library worker receives a library card reader finds form, make sure of the correctness of signature in the book formulary and puts it in the form of the reader.

VII. Issuance of literature.

The scientific literature is valid from 3 days to 1 month.
Fiction issued for 15 days in an amount of 1-3 copies.
Art - literary journals for a period of 15 days.
Dear books, rare materials or material in a single copy is not available for loan.
Teachers scientific literature issued for one semester. In case of need immediately returned.
Readers can prolong the service life of books at least twice, if no applications from other readers.


1. KEYWORDS readers by e-directory on the next page www.armat.uz. Delivery via e-mail the required material.
2. Provide full information on the composition of the library collection through the system directory, file cabinets and other forms of library information;
3. Use of automated information library systems and KARMAT IRBIS, computer databases of information from the Internet.
4. Using a local database located in the IRC, electronic versions of the lessons, teaching aids created by the teachers of the Lyceum.
5. At the request of readers can take analytical information, notes on any subject of an electronic database.
6. Conduct presentations of new literatures.
7. Use in an unlimited manner the resources of educational portal.
8. Services photocopies, scanner and printer.

TERMS OF USE electronic training hall

1. For the self-employed in the electronic school hall readers must pass muster at the duty officer.
2. Time Free use of computer teachers, students, workers and residents of nearby Lyceum Mahal at the reading room is limited. Teacher - 10 hours per month, students and staff of the Lyceum - 15 hours per month, daily rate should not exceed 2 hours.
3. After the expiration of the designated period of free use of the EHR services are suspended until next month.
4. To copy the necessary data to a floppy disk or other media from the EHR, the reader should be tested its hard disk (for viruses) have the duty employee of the library. Information copied to the computer user will not be saved.
5. Record on diskette relevant information from the EHR carried on duty the employee and for the quality of the recording standby worker is not responsible.
6. Readers EHR system can take advantage of the global Internet, e-mail to the educational process and scientific work.
7. It is strictly forbidden the following:

• Set up your own program and unlicensed software in computers EHR.
• Change and fix computer programs.
• Use of computers for gaming EHR
• Use the global Internet for the following purposes:
- View counter moral statement;
- Use of the network for personal purposes;
- Sending personal letters via e-mail;
- Advertising for trade.
• Members have broken the rules in the EHR, EHR deprived of rights to use and the right to use is not restored.
8. Readers violating the above mentioned rules are deprived of the rights to use the EHR for one month, and in some cases for a year.
9. Readers harmed EHR are liable.

How to become a reader?

Record students made on the basis of the order of the Lyceum of enrollment. They are given a single library card, library filled form. When recording to the library, readers should read the FAQ IRC and reinforce commitments on their fulfillment of his signature on the library card and in the reader's.
Certificate of readers believe the only document which gives the right to use IRC. The certificate shall be issued in book reader department. In case of loss a duplicate issued. With a need to be sure to have two photographs of 3x4. Use someone else's identity and transfer their license to another person is strictly prohibited. Otherwise, the reader is deprived of rights to use IRC.

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