The Professor of Marbakh in academic lyceum

There was an official appointment of Mr. Polman, the professor of the University of Marbax in Germany, and Miss Yulya with students and parents at the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. Prof Polman gave full information about preparatory college under the University of Marbax. In his speech, the professor informed about the education system of Germany, and he mentioned that the students who want to enter higher educational establishments must study 13 year’s education and during the final one year they must accumulate accepted exam scores that enable them to choose proper universities in any city of Germany. Prof Polman pointed out that there were a lot of foreign students including two students, Teresa Baloyan and Norbrkov Shokhrukh, of this academic lyceum and their successful completion of preparatory course at University college. He proudly commented that those two students of this academic lyceum are doing their bachelor and master degrees at the most famous universities of Germany. Pros Polman and Miss Yulya made presentation in German language for students and in Russian language for parents.

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The foundation of the academic lyceum initially was constructed as a boarding-school in 1995 and it had been changed into the academic lyceum after 10 years of existence. More...


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