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The open lesson

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The open lesson on theme «The influence of movies on young generation» was held at the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service on December 7th 2017 in Group 205 under supervision of English teacher Fayzulloeva Z.Z.

The lesson was in the form of competition between groups. The students presented their skills in listening, reading, writing and speaking. The teacher used new pedagogic technology at the lesson. The students did some tasks after watching the extracts from English movies. The instructor utilized some slides about positive and negative sides of various genres of cinematography while she was explaining new theme. The learners did all the tasks and took an active part in the lesson. They gave their opinions in English about the role of films in youngsters` life.


Shakespeare`s party

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The grand party of the outstanding writer and playwright W. Shakespeare was held at the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. The event was devoted to creative work and life of great dramatist.

    The students of Groups 104, 109, 205, 210 and 308 showed their artistry knowledge of English. Such Shakespeare`s works as “Romeo and Juliet” and “The king Lear” were demonstrated in English by the students of these groups. Young boys and girls plunged the audience into Shakespeare`s time with incredible skill touching upon philosophical issues of the past. The learners not only showed the extracts from the plays of the famous writer but also recited some of his sonnets.

    Such kind of parties broaden students` horizon and give them opportunity to speak English. At the end of the party active students were awarded with diplomas.


At the SamIES academic lyceum the month of chair of foreign languages ​​is still continuing. Next planned event of the month was held on 22nd of December in the active hall of the academic lyceum. The event was organized by the students of German language project group of academic lyceum. The students demonstrated scenes that featured celebrations, songs and dances, and various contests of "Weihnachten", widely celebrated holiday of new year of Germany and some part of Europe . SamIES foreign languages ​​department teachers and former students of academic lyceum also took part in the event. The active hall was decorated according to the tradition of the holiday. German Language teacher D. Yuldashev and German practitioner Yu.Dilan organized the holidaytogether with the students.


On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, “Constitution Day” event took place at the active hall of the academic lyceum by the students of 207, 108, 107, 201 and 208 groups on December 6, 2017. The event was attended by the teachers and students of academic lyceum.
    The event was opened by M. Abduvokhidova, head of foreign languages department.The student of group 207, Norboyev Abdulaziz made a speech and introduced all participants step by step. The structure of the Constitution was explained by the student of 108 Mizrobov Diyor in presentation slide. He mentioned that The Constitution is the foundation of the legal system of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It provides unity based industries. To the creation of the rule of law and civil society, one of the important objectives of our state is the rule of law. And it requires each of us the duty to know the Constitution and the laws of our Republic.

    The event was continued with Articles of the Constitution by the students of 207 and 108 groups and it correlated with some role play related to the articles of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
    The main objective of the event is to develop students’ knowledge on legal norms and show it in English.
    The ceremonial event dedicated to the Constitution concluded with a holiday concert by Mironshokh Muzaffarov, the student of 107 group of the lyceum.


In the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute  of  Economics and Service passed the accounting month of the Department of Languages. Following the state policy of Uzbekistan, which is aimed at educating harmoniously developed young generation, possessing not only a wide range of knowledge, but also able to think independently and bear responsibility for themselves and for their actions and as well as for the fate of their Motherland. A number of events as well as non-standard open lessons using ICT were planned for this month.

     Among the events held, I would like to mention the meeting of poetry lovers at the round table "Let's talk about Autumn in Verses". This meeting was held in the cozy reading room of the Information Resource Centre of the academic lyceum. Everyone knows that in our country special attention is paid to the development of a reading culture for the population especially, for the youth. It is gratifying that our children not only read prose and poetry, but also know by heart. There were poems by P. Vyazemsky, M. Lermontov, B. Pasternak, S. Yesenin, F. Tyutchev and A. Fet.

    Poems about the autumn were read in English, German and Uzbek languages, and there were also those who wanted to read the poems of their own writings.

    Within the framework of the month, the traditional event of "Dedication to the Lyceum" was held, where graduates of the lyceum pass the baton to first-year students, solemnly handing a symbolic key to knowledge.

The contest of “My favorite literary hero" in the drawings was held interestingly. The fellows creatively developed the theme and presented their vision of the heroes in their favorite works.

It is noteworthy that among the fellows there were those who not only painted, but also was able to tell about his hero lines of a literary work.

    On the eve of the celebration of the Day of the State Language, a large-scale event, "Language-Mirror of the Nation", was held where students of Uzbek and Russian groups were involved. The poems dedicated to the native language, and sketches from the works of A. Navoi were presented.

    Among the events held, it is also interesting to mark the contests of "The Best Bookseller", "Talents -2017", "Young Journalists", "Connoisseurs of the Russian Language", etc.

    All these activities, first of all, are aimed at revealing and developing the creative abilities of the young generation, developing the skills to work together, expanding cognitive activities, as well as the ability to argue and demonstrate their knowledge and talents.

Haliulina Florida and Gaibova Albina-Teachers of Academic Lyceum of SamIES


The youth organisation of the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of economics and service held a talant contest of “Aptetude 2017” among the students of the academic lyceum for 11 nominations:

“Recite poetry”

“Skilled Musician”

“Golden pencil”


“National dance”

“Modern dance”

“The best speaker”

“Creative skills”

“Designer skills”

“Painter skills”

Talent contest was opened by deputy director on  educational affairs L. Rasulova and she wished good luck for all participants.

The members of juries were choosen among expert guests to judge the participants’ ability fairly. They are solicitor of youth organisation of Samarkand region Urinboeva Ziyoda, the member of youth organisation of Samarkand region Boymirzaeva Adliya and lider of youth organisation of academic layceum of Samarkand Institute of agriculture Sarsinbaeva Zulfiya and math teacher of academic lyceum Aslamov Doston. It was difficult for juries to judge the ability of talented participants because they were too talanted not only at different subjects but also at art.

For the nomination of recite poetry Qosimov Bobur (307 group), for skilled musician nomination Ziyodullayev G’anisher, for golden pencil nomination  Hamdamov Jonibek (202 group) and for vocal nomination two students Muzaffarov Mironshoh (107 group)  and Musaeva Nigina (111 group) won in the contest.

For the nomination of national dance Xayritdinova Malika (107group), for modern dance nomination Ergashev Ramziddin (202 group), for creative skills nomination Ahmedov Shahzod (307 group), for designer skills nomination Ulmasova Mahtob, for painter skills nomination Baxtiyor won in the contest. For the nomination of the best speaker Ulmasova Mahtob won and she was awrded with a diploma. All participants were awarded with certificate of appreciation by youth organisation of the lyceum at the end of the contest. Among the guests there were the students of academic lyceum of Samarkand Institude of agreculture and they were very delighted with the paintings of the participants.

Talent contest wes held around 3 hours and 45 minutes and all guests were really envy the ability of the participants on the stage. The youth organisation of the academic lyceum is the key success of  the youth of the academic lyceum.

Organizer of the contest Sh. Zayniddinova- youth organisation leader of the lyceum


There was an official appointment of Mr. Polman, the professor of the University of Marbax in Germany, and Miss Yulya with students and parents at the academic lyceum of Samarkand Institute of Economics and Service. Prof Polman gave full information about preparatory college under the University of Marbax. In his speech, the professor informed about the education system of Germany, and he mentioned that the students who want to enter higher educational establishments must study 13 year’s education and during the final one year they must accumulate accepted exam scores that enable them to choose proper universities in any city of Germany. Prof Polman pointed out that there were a lot of foreign students including two students, Teresa Baloyan and Norbrkov Shokhrukh, of this academic lyceum and their successful completion of preparatory course at University college. He proudly commented that those two students of this academic lyceum are doing their bachelor and master degrees at the most famous universities of Germany. Pros Polman and Miss Yulya made presentation in German language for students and in Russian language for parents.


«Til-millat ko`zgusi»

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1989-yilning 21-oktabrida o`zbek millati tarixida yana bir ulkan ahamiyatga molik voqea yuz berdi: o`zbek tiliga davlat tili maqomi berildi. Juda boy va qadimiy tarixga ega bo`lgan o`zbek millati tilining shakllanishida o`zining buyuk xizmatlari bilan o`z hissalarini qo`shib kelgan buyuk bobokalonlarimiz Navoiy, Bobur, Mashrab, Behbudiy, Fitrat, Cho`lpon, Usmon Nosirning asarlari haqqoniy ravishda o`rganila boshlandi. Shuningdek, ushbu kun har yili bayram sifatida keng nishonlanib kelmoqda

Jumladan, mazkur yilning 20-oktabrida SamISI qoshidagi 1-son akademik litseyda “Til-millat ko`zgusi” deb nomlangan badiiy-sahnalashtirilgan kecha bo`lib o`tdi bayram tadbirini akademik litseyning ma`naviyat va ma`rifat ishlari bo`yicha direktor o`rinbosari dotsent S.N.Nazarov ochib berdi. Tadbirda SamDU filologiya fakulteti o`qituvchisi, f.f.n G.Xoliqulovaning o`zbek tili tarixiga bag`ishlangan ma`ruzasi barchaga manzur bo`ldi.Olimaning nutqidan so`ng litsey ijodkor va adabiyotga qiziquvchi o`quvchilari tomonidan unga ko`plab savollar berildi.       So`ngra litsey o`quvchilarining bayramona chiqishlariga navbat berildi. Kecha dasturidan  “Ona tilim shoirlar nazmida”, “Donolar bisotidan”, “So`z ko`rki - maqol”, “Shoir-u she’r-u shuur”, “O`zga yurtda shoh bo`lguncha, o`z yurtingda gado bo`l” kabi ruknlar o`rin oldi. Bayram tadbirida akademik litseyning 103-,108-203-, 306-guruh o`quvchilari ayniqsa faol ishtirok etdilar. Mazkur tadbir litseydagi iste`dodli o`quvchilarning tanlab olinishi uchun ayni muddao bo`ldi, desak xato qilmagan bo`lamiz.

Bayram kechasi so`ngida litsey tillar kafedrasi mudirasi N.Saydaliyeva so`zga chiqdi va tadbirning juda katta ma`naviy-ma`rifiy ahamiyatga ega ekanligini ta`kidlab, kecha tashkilotchilari bo`lgan ona tili va adabiyot o`qituvchisi F.Bo`riyeva hamda unga yaqindan yordam bergan tillar kafedrasi o`qituvchilariga  tashakkur bildirdi.


Meeting students with faculty SSU

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In the auditorium of the meeting students of the Lyceum under the slogan "The purpose of the youth-knowledge" with faculty SSU.


Educational-methodical seminar

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April 30 will be held educational-methodical seminar on the theme: "The use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom biology and astronomy".


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The open lesson

The open lesson

January 8, 2018

Shakespeare`s party

Shakespeare`s pa…

January 8, 2018


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